Besh o droM – Vaságy
Besh o droM: Bánáti (live)
Besh o droM: Cigánybál (live)
Besh o droM: Pira Mange (live)
Besh O droM ‘Amikor En Kissrac Voltam’ Music Video
Space Maudi by Besh o droM

These days life mainly runs on facebook and ‘the gram’, but we still find this website important, and worthy of an update with a new look and tons of new content.

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Though the sunrays are still sifting through softly, summer is but a memory, and though the vibe of festivals and gigs still lingers on, slowly but surely a different kind of excitement takes over. We’ve been talking about it for a while now, been preparing, but now things have really picked up, the new album is coming. Every day we add something new as the material takes its shape, as it comes alive. Our days are filled with music. These times are as exciting as sensitive. In the case of a team whose members live in three separate countries, producing an album can be a bit tricky. An idea is born in one corner of the world, a sketch of it is sent to another, that gets a reply and new bits keep getting welded onto it as it zigzags across the planet, until it bears all of our marks, until it embodies all of us. This new way of working presents new challenges. We love it and can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

We all really enjoyed celebrating Besh o droM’s 20th anniversary in Kobuci. We came prepared with a lot, mainly music, but also band shirts. You could purchase the shirts at the anniversary event, but then we just put it away in storage with plans to open an online shop sometime in the future… Well that future is here; you can now get the shirts through the webshop on this new website, so get them while they’re fresh!